CHC IT Solutions offers a wide range of services specifically for GP Practices.

  • Paper-Light/Less Services - CHC provides a service that involves the scanning and shredding of paper patient records onto computer.  This allows Practices to not only gain instant access to essential patient data, but it also saves a large amount of physical space that can be put to better use. Prices are based on the amount of paper and not an hourly rate meaning that Practices have a clear projection of overall cost instead of potentially on-going, ever-growing cost. FREE ESTIMATES AVAILABLE TO ALL PRACTICES


  • Training Services - CHC offers Practice Training Services specifically for Practices that INPS Vision and Docman. All possible training aspects of the Vision and Docman systems are available in both half and full day sessions. Weekends are also available to prevent weekday disruption. HALF DAYS FROM £120 AND FULL DAYS FROM JUST £200!! CONTACT US FOR MORE DETAILS


  • Secure Hard Disk Wiping and Hardware Disposal - Following a Computer system refresh GP Practices are often left with a large amount of old computers that are not safe to simply throw away. CHC provides a fully safe and secure service of disposal of the old computers and their hard disks. PRICES START AT JUST £5 PER DISK (DEPENDENT ON AMOUNT OF DISKS) CONTACT US FOR MORE DETAILS